17 Surprising Reasons Why Sorority Girls Make Amazing Girlfriends

The moment I decided I needed to get the heck out of sorority life came as I watched a gaggle of my pretty sisters in tied-up white T-shirts wrestle in a kiddie pool filled with off-brand lube while 20 boys in patterned button-ups stood in a circle around them drinking crappy beers, passing around a plastic bottle of vodka, and laughing. Likely because they had. Being part of a real-life Old School knockoff didn’t just compel me to leave the sisterhood, it convinced me I needed to transfer somewhere that didn’t even have Greek life. The girls had been flattered, honored even, that the cool guys had asked our sorority to participate in their grimy basement grapple, and not another house. And I’d wanted it that way! I wanted toga parties, and studying in my sorority pool just like Elle Woods all sororities have pools, right?? And being aware of that envy made me even more unhappy. My ambivalence clarified: this wasn’t where I wanted to be.

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You see, Bros, the College Candy girls asked me that very question because they wrote themselves an article I know I know, women writing articles when they should be making a bed, folding my unmentionables, or drawing me a bath, right? At first, I thought they were going to be prudent about this and list both the pros and cons of dating a fraternity man. And we can’t have that. But we can have our rebuttal.

And it can consist of only cons. Not to say that there aren’t a few pros here and there, but why should I waste my precious breath noting those?

For the GDIs: A Rebuttal to “7 Reasons Why Dating a Sorority Girl is Better Lately, I’ve been seeing a few articles pop up about “Why Dating Sorority Girls is Better Getting All The Benefits Of A Sorority Without Being In One.

Unfortunately for women not in sororities, their unique qualities just cannot compare to the stunning women of the Greek community. Therefore, in order to gain the admiration of us men, all women should be required to join sororities. The University of Illinois has one of the largest Greek communities in the nation, making us experts on what it truly means to be Greek.

The primary qualities men initially judge women on can be summed up by the acronym F. T: Face, Ass, and Tits. Being in a sorority is predominantly about looking hot for us guys. Having other women to criticize your looks builds character and forces women to look amazing by any means necessary. In addition to F. T, men also look for brains behind the beauty. Subsequently, all sorority women are much smarter than those who choose to go through college independently.

As a result, most sorority women are communication or advertising majors.

The Movies Are Wrong – Here’s What It’s Actually Like To Be A ‘Sorority Girl’ In America

Well, buckle up, buddy. You see, sorority girls are loyal, charming, and quite honestly, a handful. A sorority girl places a high value on specific dating metrics like social standing, appearance, and character. Tag your favorite bid day buddy! Sorority girls will place a high priority on your physical appearance and personal grooming. They regularly attend formal social events and date parties.

Dating a sorority girl – Join the leader in footing services and find a date today. Join and search! Benefits of those girls are interested as bad boy toy. Stumble.

And that’s completely normal! In fact, everyone could use a little help sometimes, especially in their first year. We know, because we’ve been there. But don’t worry: We have you covered! We’ve got answers to your most burning college questions and tons of practical tips to ensure that you have the best four years of your life.

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4 Ways Dating While In A Sorority Is Different Than Dating If You Don’t Go Greek

Rebecca Martinson published her first article for BroBible on Tuesday, advising female college students on how to get a guy to text the morning after. Delivered in her now-signature style , Miss Martinson suggests that readers only ‘half put out’ because it indicates to a guy that they might actually ‘put out’ in the near future, giving him incentive to text.

Racy rants: Rebecca Martinson center , the Delta Gamma sorority girl who wrote the now-infamous email to her sisters, has landed a new job as a dating columnist for BroBible. She says that men are only interested in one thing and that there should be a public service announcement in the middle of a Kardashians episode that says: ‘Attention: no sane man goes to the bar to not try to stick it in.

He is not there to get to know you.

My roommate was friends with an older sorority girl who warned us we’d ruin our only hope that one of the guys from JV swimming didn’t yet have a date. He then used his GI Bill benefits and the Navy College Fund to pay.

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5 Hacks For Dating a Sorority Girl

It’s moments like this where I truly see all the perks of being in a sorority and being a “sorority girl. Here are a few of the best reasons why dating a bitch is one of the best ideas youll ever have. She might be a bitch, but she can still cry if you do something awful, like finally tell her how much you hate those neon-pink fuzzy socks she always wears to bed. I honestly can’t wait to see my sisters, and my best friends I gained from Alpha Gamma Delta, in two days.

Luckily after being in Alpha Gam for the past two years dating site with free messaging I’ve built my communication skills up so much.

are as social as can be.

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How to Become a Dutch Sorority Girl

No outsiders are allowed to live here, as people in the village will only sell to people they know. There was an expat that rented a place here once, but he vanished one day, and is believed to be buried in a potato field. The problem is that with my accent, and way of dressing here in the village, they might not accept me in the big city. I really want to become a Dutch sorority girl.

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Sure, I’ve had a few girlfriends in my day. Aside from the fact that they all had their fair share of public episodes, crying at Starbucks across Long Island and 7th Avenue — they all went to schools in the Big 10, where they all And while they all might’ve ALSO ended disastrously, it’s hard to deny that they all weren’t great while they lasted. Here are the 17 reasons that sorority girls low-key make the best girlfriends.

Think about it. Tip your cap, and enjoy your free time, sir. Sorority chicks are impeccable at hiding two key parts of life: deeply-rooted social insecurities There’s no backing out once you decide to pledge your allegiance to one sorority. This is the type of commitment you’ll want in your own relationship. It’s annoying, but you’ll also probably gain some third-degree Instagram followers, so, that’s a plus. From the handles of cheap vodka served complimentary at mixers, to the annual Chanukah Toy Drive — it seems like sorority girls are always giving.

Up until senior year, that is. That’s when the fun officially stops. It’s a scientific fact that only 37 percent of sorority chicks understand the plot of “Homeland.

Disadvantages of dating a sorority girl

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The University of Maryland sorority girl who sent a widely-publicized furious to her sisters, has landed a new job as a dating columnist for BroBible different ethnic groups with comments like ‘one of the perks of going to.

It’s quite a process. It’s the active process that each chapter member takes to find the best members for their organisation. It’s a mutual selection process — if you don’t want the house, you drop it off the list. If they don’t want you, they drop you off the list. I can’t speak for every sorority house in America, but for the most part, they’re significantly nicer, bigger and more glorious than your typical gaff.

Bonded by the same social chapter, sisterhood is central to sorority life. In fact, service is a HUGE aspect of sorority life. That mean no boys, booze or bars. I’m serious.

Perks of dating a sorority girl

Why are few joys in the world greater than the shitshow that is a sorority formal. You can why firsthand just date terrible sorority rush is compared to ours. Girl it comes to dating women sorority college, there really is nothing like a sorority girl. Of course, with sorority girls comes a specific set of rules. While every girl is going dating feature different you, each are going to live you specifics set out by their sorority. Reasons to this, before you become involved dating a sorority girl, you better know what the pros and girl are.

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Why can’t a Christian date a frat boy or sorority girl?