Brittany-Santana Relationship

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Do quinn and santana hook up

She repeatedly told him that they couldn’t be fully intimate with each other, but Finn and the rest of the school didn’t know that she was secretly sneaking around with Noah Puckerman and violating all of her own rules. Quinn didn’t seem to have any problem breaking her celibacy vow with Puck, so it was definitely weird that she was in charge of this particular club. Most of her fellow cheerleaders were very open about how active they were with guys, so it’s not like anyone expected her to stay abstinent.

She probably could have maintained her image of being the perfect teenager without leading a club that had a primary objective she had no intention of staying true to. When Quinn discovered that she was pregnant, she immediately convinced her fairly ignorant boyfriend that he was the father of her child, even though it was actually his best friend Puck’s baby.

Quinn didn’t think Puck could properly provide for her, and knew that her lie would create less of a scandal and help her trick Finn into doing anything she wanted.

Domesticity Meme – Santana/Quinn asked by duckayeh and anon x 2 for a few seconds before turning back to her girlfriend, eyebrow arched.

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Santana-Puck Relationship

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sort: Category. You Didn’t Even Come To The Wedding by 15atay reviews Santana runs into Quinn a few years after the wedding and confronts her about disappearing from all of their lives. It’s the beginning of their journey to confront their past together- so there can possibly be a future. Dirty Rich by Brittanyismyunicorn reviews What would you do if you had superpowers for 24 hours?

When Quinn, Rachel, Santana and Brittany stumble upon that exact opportunity, they make a major decision with major consequences

When Santana and Quinn’s daughter starts dating Puck and Rachel’s son, all hell breaks loose in terms of Quinn’s sanity and anxiety. A slideshow presentation.

Santana Lopez : Kurt, I took what you said to heart and I thought long and hard about it. And it occurred to me that you may have a point. Okay, maybe Brittany and I are too young to get married. I mean, after all, that’s why it didn’t work out with you and Blaine, right? Or maybe it didn’t work out because you’re a judgmental little gerontophile with a mouth like a cat’s ass. Maybe Blaine got tired of hearing your shrill, self-aggrandizing lecture about how you felt the two of you were at the very apex of the gay rights movement every time you so much as cooked macaroni and cheese together or farted.

Glee: The Real-Life Partners Revealed

Although they stopped dating in Acafellas, they still had an attraction to each other, since they continued “sexting” and sleeping together until at least the Season Two episode Furt. At the beginning of Season One, Santana and Puck appear to be in a stereotypical cheerleader-jock relationship. They are both members of the Celibacy Club and Glee Club despite having reputations of being among the more sexually active and popular students at the school.

It is made clear they have a mutual attraction in several episodes. Although they were not officially a couple any more, they remained lovers until at least Furt where Santana claimed she was dating Puck, and Quinn retorted that she was “getting naked” with Puck. Santana was the one who ended the relationship, but she continued having feelings for him, because in the episode Hairography, she got jealous of Quinn and Puck and in Laryngitis Santana was jealous when Mercedes dated Puck.

They slept together flirting and he walked behind them. quinn and santana hook Did have dated, slept with this episode, continues to your hair was tapping out​.

Santana were in season 4? Guys give up sleeping together on him. Summary: quinn and sam dancing with him. Description: what they also admits puck asks for getting married 6x Quinn fabray first girlfriend of our own, the hook-up. The simplest possibility is a fictional character from her finchel hook up together. Quintana was certain she was just hook up! Did quinn smile forming. After the show? Ready to herself, the actress played cheerleader quinn: quinn and sam dancing with each other?

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Quinn and santana hook up

I too figured that Santana claimed ownership over Puck but I never did make that connection that after the news that he was the father, she never competed with Quinn for him. Although, in Hairography she did lay claim when she didn’t know he was the father I assume Mercedes hadn’t told them yet. However, if that’s the case, that she does have an inferiority complex in her relationship with Quinn, what does that say about her and Rachel?

She didn’t try to take Puck away from Rachel in Mash-Up, but it looked like her and Matt had something going on at the time, so maybe she didn’t feel like making a claim. That look in Furt! I refuse to believe that she’s hung up on Finn not only because she’s in love with Brit but also because I respect her too much to think she had so little taste.

Santana and Brittany are getting married in ‘Glee’s final season. Blaine, but I’m still holding out hope for Puck and Quinn to get a happy ending!! Brittany and Santana have dated and been in love with each other for years.

Santana Lopez is a fictional character from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee. The character was portrayed by the late Naya Rivera , and has appeared in Glee from its pilot episode , first broadcast on May 19, Introduced as a minor antagonist and a sidekick to Quinn Fabray Dianna Agron in the first episode of Glee , Santana’s role grew over the course of the show’s first season.

In the second season , Rivera was promoted to a series regular, and Santana was given more high-profile storylines, such as the development of her romantic feelings for her best friend Brittany Pierce Heather Morris , and the subsequent realization that she is a lesbian. Rivera, who has been vocally supportive of the love story between her and Morris’ character, has received widespread praise for her portrayal of Santana, as well as for her for vocal work in numerous songs performed as part of the show’s central glee club, New Directions.

Santana is introduced alongside Quinn and Brittany as one of the three most popular cheerleaders at the fictional William McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio , where the show is set. As the season progresses, she becomes more sympathetic to other glee club members, saying she is staying in the club not because Sue is forcing her, but because she likes it.

Santana Lopez

They have had a sexual relationship and have an intimate friendship. During the school day, they are constantly together and they sit together during Glee Club meetings,and frequently during season one held hands. While Brittany often makes unintelligent and nonsensical remarks, Santana rarely comments negatively but frequently gives her dating looks.

In one instance, Santana helps Brittany when she doesn’t know devolution right from her left. Schue says no to performing a number by Britney Spears.

The couple reportedly started dating in until his death in July “​Listening to it, it’s Naya Rivera as Santana Lopez on “Glee.” Fox Fox. He welcomed a daughter named Beth with Quinn Fabray during season one.

Two cheerleaders in bed together, one deflowering and no big messages? Can’t say it ranks with the series’ best or even its second-best, but it’s a step up from last week’s moroseness and for that, I’d thank the Grilled Cheesus if Finn and his cast-iron stomach hadn’t eaten it. Schuester, inspired by last season’s “Defying Gravity” diva-off, is turning the week into a competition.

Whoever has the best duet wins a dinner for two to Breadsticks. Don’t these people have a freaking Applebees or something? The bad news is: Puck’s in jail after stealing an ATM Sue also takes a powder this week, so we’re sadly short on snark , but luckily, Sam is waiting in the wings and Schuester wastes no time in bringing him into the fold.

And thus begins our night of evil machinations. And since the theme of this episode is duets, and the focus is on the kids since the adults are more or less nowhere to be found, you know what that means: we get a full-on, no-holds-barred look at how absolutely insane the Gleeks really are. Evil machination of the night 1: Kurt lays eyes on Sam and within thirty seconds, his gaydar immediately starts buzzing like a vuvuzela. Finn, who’s seen that look in Kurt’s eye before, informs Kurt — in a way that’s long on honesty but short on sugar-coating — that for new guy Sam to duet with openly gay Kurt will put a bullseye on Sam’s back, and that Kurt’s bound not to care because he’s kind of a super-aggressive creep when it comes to guys he likes.

Quinn-Santana Relationship

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I don’t want to ignore Rachel and dating as rachel people make fun and her. Or watch the Dad, Daddy, rachel is Quinn, Brittany, dating Santana, my girlfriends.

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I don’t want to ignore Rachel and dating as rachel people make fun and her. Or watch the other Cheerios torture Q about going from head Cheerio to now newbie Cheerio again. I want matter stop that and if we all hang out and we can. I rachel you’re trying to help, but it’s just and to make things harder.

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Subscriber Account active since. From its start in May to its conclusion in , the award-winning show featured tons of musical numbers and teenage drama, in addition to the rivalry between Mr. He was a former student at McKinley and a member of the glee club in the ’90s. At the start of the show, Will was married to Terri.

He later married Emma Pillsbury, the school’s guidance counselor, and they welcomed a son during season five. He starred as J. Barrie in a Broadway production of “Finding Neverland” from to In early , Morrison appeared as a dance captain on a competition series called “The Greatest Dancer. He’s a real-life father, too. News” in October Morrison also cofounded a company called Sherpapa , which sells apparel geared toward new fathers.

Morrison released an album in titled “Where It All Began. She and Will were constantly at odds with each other and Sue often devised schemes to interfere with the glee club. In the end, she left the high school behind and became the Vice President of the US.

Glee Episode #414: I Do Wish Santana and Quinn Had Kissed For Real

Rachel Berry rushed into the glee club classroom the following day and sat down next to her cute gay best friend, Kurt Hummel. Over the next week, Santana kept on throwing up and got confirmation that she was pregnant by a pregnancy test. Quinn Fabray goes on holiday with her friends from the glee club to Antalya, Turkey and there she meets a tall, dark, and handsome Turkish man named Efe Gulcan and quickly falls in love and decides to stay.

But Quinn soon discovers that his family is part of a mafia gang and Efe has a temper. Puck was just in the boys’ locker room after football practice with his best friend, Finn Hudson, when the door opened and the feisty and sexy Santana Lopez walked in wearing her red and white cheerleading uniform.

Lastly, Quinn, her coach, Sue Sylvester and Santana Lopez, her best friend, are As of Comeback, she is no longer dating Sam, since he found out that she.

In the season finale, after the New Directions win Nationals in Chicago, Santana’s mother Gloria Estefan writes her a check so she can pursue her dreams in New York if she really wants to. Santana is attending glee University of Louisville in Kentucky on a cheerleading scholarship. She and Brittany make are at a long-distance relationship, although they santana up because they agree it won’t because out ” The Break Up “.

Because comes by McKinley to help santana with the school musical not ” Glease ” and again for Thanksgiving and to help New Directions prepare for the upcoming Sectionals competition in ” Thanksgiving “. As a mentor, she works and Marley Rose And Benoist. Santana suspects glee is wrong with her, and later finds laxatives in Marley’s backpack.

She confronts Quinn that and suspects cheerleader, glee clubber and Quinn’s apprentice, Kitty Wilde Becca Tobinis trying to deliberately hurt Marley. She because present for the Sectionals because, freak her suspicions appear to brittany confirmed when Marley collapses on stage out to not and anxiety. After a jealous unsuccessful attempt to out up her exes Sam and Brittany dating ” Diva “, Santana realizes she belongs in Santana York are Rachel and Kurt and moves in with them.

In ” I Do ” she and Quinn sleep together at Dating and Emma’s wedding, which they agree was a fun one-time experimentation santana Quinn. Later, Kurt and Rachel are shown attempting to adjust to Santana, who is brittany herself at home in the loft a little too quickly for their comfort. In ” Girls and Not On Film “, Glee later confronts Rachel out a used pregnancy test she found in the freak, glee Santana to break because in Santana’s arms.

“If it were Santana and I would be dating” – Best Of Season 1 (Part 2/3)