FOR SOUL MATE SEEKERS: Paper Bag Speed Dating

Follow us:. They organised the event as a part of their SayNoToShallow campaign. They were given a paper bag each and were asked to personalize them using various designs — they could add quirky personal messages to serve as conversation starters. Later, they had to wear the bags on their heads. This forces people to read the bio section and actually find out something about the person they might end up meeting. Apart from this one distinguishing feature, LoveFlutter is pretty much the same as all other dating apps.

Yes, I Speed-Dated With a Paper Bag on My Head

So a paper bag might be the new key to love, according to the founders of new app, LoveFlutter. Well maybe not literally, but read on and it will all make sense We’ve all been brought up reminded that beauty is more than skin-deep, and that finding love is about finding the right person to be attracted to; not just someone who fits the bill physically. And now there’s a new app, LoveFlutter, which is here to help us with that. Anyone who’s used Tinder knows that it’s essentially all about judging your potential match by their looks.

Most people leave their ‘bio’ section blank, and we’re often distracted by the picture even if they have taken the time to construct something ‘original and witty’ about themsel ves.

Paper Bag Speed Dating? One dating app is “saying no to shallow” by organizing speed dating events where everyone wears paper bags over their heads in an.

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7 Crazy New Ways to Find the Love of Your Life

So meeting men in the flesh — even while wearing a sack over their face — removes that potential “ew” factor. Looking for long-term love in the city that never sleeps has always been nearly impossible. The problem with sex in this city is that there’s just too many partners to choose from, so no one wants to settle down.

And the odds are definitely not in women’s favor, as there are about , more single ladies than fellas in the Big Apple.

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Each participant is allowed to draw or write whatever they would like onto the bag as a conversation starter. Even though it seems weird, people seem to enjoy it! Uplifting News. We Are Young. Speed Dating. Conversation Starters. Just For Laughs. My Sunshine. Good News. Give It To Me. View this Pin.

The Whole Concept Of Brown Bag Speed Dating Makes Me Happy I’m Not Single

Did you think that ordinary speed dating was the height of matchmaking gimmicks? Think again, because people in London are now doing it with paper bags over their heads. Dating app Loveflutter’s paper bag speed dating event took place recently at the British Science Museum and, somewhat surprisingly, it sounds from quotes in the DailyMail like participants didn’t totally hate it.

The events, where participants decorate bags with interesting facts about themselves and then wear them on their heads while meeting potential mates in two-minute increments, was intended to build on the company’s ethos of ” SayNoToShallow. Upon reflection, though, does the paper bag dating make you less shallow, or more? After all, you can still see the potential match’s body , just not his or her face.

Think dating outside of your “type,” going on blind dates, speed dating, and The singles had to wear paper bags over their heads, with the.

Some New Yorkers will do anything to bag a date. City singles are so frustrated with the local meet market that offbeat speed-dating parties are actually starting to look pretty good. Take Tauren Hagans, 40, from Kingsbridge, who had one skeevy suitor who she met online stand her up on what would have been their first date. But we all want to be loved, so you just keep on trying. While Hagans admits she’s had the wool pulled over her eyes by potential suitors, she’s never put a bag over her head.

The event, hosted by London-based dating app Loveflutter, is pushing its SayNoToShallow campaign to showcase personality over appearance. The company threw a similar stunt in London last July, where singles decorated their bags with doodles and character fun facts about themselves. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Loveflutter’s relationship psychologist. The current crop of picture-perfect dating apps, such as Tinder and Grindr, emphasize face value. Users make a snap judgment based on someone’s profile shot, and in Tinder’s case they swipe them to the right or the left as they deem them hot or not.

But participants had such a blast hooking up at Loveflutter’s anti-Tinder party that the hosts are bringing it across the pond, beginning with NYC — and not a minute too soon, say singles. She has been haunted by guys who “ghost” her, or suddenly stop returning her texts. Online dating also didn’t click for her.

PAPER BAG speed-dating sees daters covering faces for first encounters

The year-old is not unattractive. In fact she is quite beautiful — quick to laugh, with long black hair that falls past her shoulders, and cheeks that flush pink easily. It was speed dating with a twist: The participants would meet their prospective partners with paper bags covering their faces. The ad had pictures from a gathering in London: men and women chatting with decorated brown bags covering their heads.

Her curiosity was piqued and she brought along her able wingwoman, Siu.

PAPER BAG SPEED-DATING One of the most recent dating ideas involves sticking a paper bag over your head. This new take on speed dating makes you pay.

To test the theory that it’s possible to form a love connection with someone without seeing his or her face, a U. With an open heart you never know where you’re going to find love! I traveled to the New York Hall of Science in Corona, Queens to be a guinea pig for this experiment, joining roughly 60 singles 30 women, 30 men to experience the phenomenon of “Paper Bag Dating.

Upon arrival, I was handed a medium-sized brown paper bag, complete with cutouts for my mouth and eyes, and directed to a decoration room to make my bag look ready for love. In the absence of our faces, we had to rely on our bags to convey some aspects of our personalities. LoveFlutter, the app behind the date night, declares its motto and guiding philosophy as “Say No To Shallow” and aims to create less “superficial” connections by not allowing users to see each other’s photos until they’ve mutually agreed they like each other’s profiles.

For the real-life version of this approach, we each wrote “fun facts” on our bags and decorated them with drawings, ranging from cartoon heroes like Spider-Man and Garfield to abstract cityscapes and pipe cleaner mustaches. Tables were set up to accommodate two couples each, and the women were instructed to stay put while the men rotated round-robin every two minutes. Despite the strangeness of the situation, conversations were generally pleasant, touching on hometowns, jobs, and our fun facts.

Most of the men seemed to be there out of genuine curiosity and interest in meeting new people. A couple of guys also brought along a pair of Shih Tzus — which didn’t make for very substantive dates, but at least kept things interesting. But it was pretty disorienting to have a conversation with a talking paper bag, and I found myself staring at my dates’ mouths, trying to get some indication of what they looked like.

Despite the fact that I had come in with an open mind, the combination of alcohol, trouble breathing inside a paper bag, and not having much in common with any of the male participants soon became disheartening — even without seeing their faces. I did my best to charm the bags off them, but it became clear that facial cues are important when getting to know someone.

Paper bag speed dating coming to NYC

Sign up or log in – lost password? IABP 2 offline Member. Sinnick offline Member. Titus offline Member. Silly statement. No-one judges on looks alone , although for some people that may be a disproportionately large factor.

Free and Funny Weekend Ecard: You want me to wear a paper bag over my head? Oh for speed dating. I thought it was something else. Create and send your.

The gathering attracted 60 singles who spent three minutes talking to one another — and, until the end, they all wore bags over their heads. The year-old teacher ended up going out on a date with one — though it ended, she believes, because he was younger than her. Rather than showcasing pictures of attractive singles, Loveflutter displays character descriptions of potential dates. Users can click on the descriptions and then see pictures of their prospective dates — just as, at the end of the Paper Bag Speed Dating event, participants gather at the bar to remove their bags.

Still, others are a little skeptical. Families squeezed by teachers’ strike, shutdown. The singles go on several two-minute speed dates, and after that, they will decide if they made any connections. Is love really blind? Some were confident, some were older, etc.

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Skip to this video now. Play Video. To connect people based on personality, company hosts paper bag speed dating. Paper Bag Speed Dating.

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Sia, the Australian pop singer and songwriter, bags her head to maintain some semblance of personal privacy. Disgusted fans at sporting events sometimes don brown paper bags to show their displeasure with the home team. Some people believe slipping a paper bag over their head gives them the personal space to snooze in public. You can only imagine the conversations with her agent and PR person. Her performing career was over.

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She seems genuinely interested in living a normal life, despite her profession and its publicity-hungry baggage. Basically, my plan is to enjoy what I have. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Leave it to humans to take an already awkward situation and attach a time limit to it. The sport where you meet, greet and decide if you want to eat”! You basically meeting at the chosen venue, everyone sits at a numbered table and wait for the bell. But, on a serious note, hats off to LA Rabbi, Yaacov Deyo, who organized the first speed dating events to help young Jewish singles meet.

Almost everyone has heard of speed dating: a date/interview during which you hope to find a connection with another single in a ludicrous.

You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area. Do you agree to keep the identity of these women a secretDo you agree to use a condom when having sex with a partner you meet on our siteThank you. Not dating. They only desire quick sex. Again please keep their identity a secret. They could be your neighbors or someone you know.

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I didn’t really understand why we were designing the bags, since I thought head point was to be a with weirdo and let with personality speak for itself. But once I started the actual speed dating, I realized that having a bag to express head on your paper bag, even in the head way possible, really gave us something to talk about right away, as opposed to just asking each speed questions about work and similarly pointless head that’s good to know, but doesn’t give speed a real sense of the person.

They with you a half an hour to make your bag, head since I was pretty sure the love of my life was not in attendance — and even if they were, they would like my speed no matter what I put on it because that’s how soul bag work — I drew some weird cat ears, question marks for eyebrows, and pizza cheeks and got out of that room as quickly as possible.

We took part in Loveflutter’s social experiment, #SayNoToShallow, in which NYC singles speed date with a paper bag over their heads to.

It is the question of romance that has taxed some of the greatest minds: what matters more — looks or personality? Now the Science Museum has sought to answer the conundrum — by getting Londoners to go speed-dating with a paper bag over their heads. The 60 singles at the event could only impress fellow daters by using their personality, and by writing one fact about themselves on their paper bag. Scientists aimed to discover if, amid the rise of the selfie and the popularity of dating apps based on appearance, people are becoming increasingly superficial when choosing a date.

Psychologist Andrea Kallias said she wanted to see if conversation rather than looks can drive dating decisions. But it is an experiment and we will see what happens. Each person had two minutes to talk to each other, and at the end of the night filled in a form to say who they wanted to go on a date with.

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