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My thanks to Jack Milne in Australia for directing me to this site. He had a bookcase full of old Kodak paper boxes in which he stored his negatives, some of which had both codes printed on the labels. Kodak VELOX paper was a very slow printing paper, producing a blue-black image, suitable for contact printing only, where the negative is placed in contact with the paper to produce a print of the same size. Kodak discontinued the manufacture of Velox paper in They could also be used for contact printing. Bromide paper gave a neutral black image. Bromesko produced a warm-black image. The paper was also made on White and Ivory a yellowish white bases. Both Bromide and Bromesko papers were replaced by other enlarging papers, some with resin-coated bases, by

How to Date Photos When Even Your Family Can’t Remember Them!

The treatments, methods, or techniques described herein are provided for informational purposes. The reader assumes responsibility for any application results. Connoisseurship in the field of Photograph Conservation encompasses the comprehensive understanding of the cultural history of photography relative to the profession of photograph conservation.

Connoisseurship skills are further developed by conservators over time through the extensive observation of photographic objects. Connoisseurship includes:. The forgery case of Lewis Hine prints was revealed by the work of photograph conservator Valerie Baas that identified the false prints by demonstrating the UV brighteners present on the papers, the Agfa logo backprinting and the paper fibers were all introduced after the author’s death.

AgfaPhoto Vista is a medium-speed color negative film with a nominal type​, demographics, language settings, page views, time/date), pseudonymous (IP.

Most Real Photo Postcards, abbreviated RPPC, have information on their backs to help in identifying the manufacturer of the photographic paper that was used by the postcard publisher. If you can identify the paper manufacturer, you can approximate the age of the old postcard. If the postcard has a stamp box, click on one of stamp box links below. If there is no stamp box, or a generic stamp box, go to Postcards Backs. All entries on one page may be slow to load. Real Photo Postcards are photographs that are reproduced by actually developing them onto photographic paper the size and weight of Postcards, with a Postcard back.

There are many Postcards that reproduce photos by various printing methods that are NOT “real photos” The best way to tell the difference is to look at the Postcard with a magnifying glass. If the photo is printed, you will see that it is made up of a lot of little dots, the same as a photo printed in a newspaper. A Real Photo Postcard is solid, no dots. Postcard paper types and descriptions from period literature and advertisements prepared by Jeremy Rowe.

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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Guide to Identifying and Dating Photographs. David Cycleback.


This blog is intended to share my passion for collecting of WWII Axis and Allied airraft parts, pilot equipment, photos, documents, medals, etc. Read regular updates about auctions the daily life of a collector and some useful suggestions for other collectors. Feel free to comment, discuss and post your own personal experiences with collecting WWII aviation memorabilia! Hi there! Today, I want to give a very short overview about different Agfa photo paper that was used during the war and how to distinguish it from postwar Agfa photo paper.

Being only a brief overview it doesn’t claim to be complete.

Photography: Photographic Paper

Share This Page. Thread Tools. Jun 15, 1. Messages: Can anybody please recognize how old is this Agfa Brovira paper. Price was

Photo paper with branding can be dated to a general or specific time as the text and graphic Kodak and AGFA branding on the back of modern stnapshots.

I’m just now starting to archive all the photos my Mom has. Most of the ones we are doing now are the real old ones—her family photos and my Dad’s family photos. The problem is she can’t always narrow down the date enough to come up with a year. So that’s causing me to have a lot of photos with ’19xx-xx-xx’ as the date. There aren’t really any other family members who will know the answer so I doubt if the dates will ever be completed.

Any suggestions as to how to handle situations like this so I don’t have a long list of ’19xx’ photos?

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Browse our selection of older photographic papers are no longer produced. Building on the use that date, the front. Dates agfa photo postcards are, humid room.

The demolition of Building 9, the paper plant at Kodak Park in Rochester, on 30 June , sent shock waves throughout much of the photographic world. This event dramatically marked a sharp turn toward digital photography. However, all is not lost. With the advent of e-bay on the Internet, a large number of vintage photographic items, including packages of printing paper with batch production dates going back to the early ‘s are for sale. While it may be of interest to some individuals to keep these latter items on a shelf for exhibition, it is much more of a challenge to try to make prints from these papers.

A psychological consideration of this situation is of interest. For a greater chance of success in obtaining a satisfactory print from a vintage printing paper, the following generalizations should be kept in mind. In addition, slower speed papers are less subject to age fog than are more rapid papers, ie. Similar reasoning applies to lantern slide plates, sometimes offered for sale, or to other transparency materials.

For this survey, the best sources are undoubtedly sample print books, company catalogs, Photo Lab Index , Popular Photography Directory issues, The Complete Photographer , as well as books on printing, e. Unfortunately, yearly volumes of photographic journals are sometimes bound without the advertisements, which is not the case with unbound issues. Further, there are a number of photographic museums that have extensive serial collections, with catalogs listed on the Internet.

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This site is password protected, for access apply here. The photographic paper backprinting project began in June, , and stemmed from an interest in documenting manufacturer applied markings while also providing a broad method for dating photographic prints with such markings. Marking presented on this site are from fiber-based gelatin silver papers.

Its wide range of exposure allows it to produce striking images and makes Agfa APX extremely versatile. It is suitable for a wide range of photographic.

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This guide is meant to aid the collector in identifying and dating real photo postcards, and to act as a reminder that it is impossible to do so with great accuracy. A lthough real photo postcards were made in a variety of ways, they hold one identifiable feature in common. The tonalities of photos are completely continuous to the eye producing true greys, for they are created by the reaction of individual photosensitive molecules to light rather than the transfer of ink from a plate.

In printed images the grey areas are usually made up of black marks that are spaced to create the optical illusion of greys. Though most of us today are familiar with the concept of photo grain, this is mostly because we have experienced very large prints made from small 35mm negatives. But even here the effect is more of a softening of detail than a observable texture.

20th-century photographic paper was surveyed for brightening agents in photographic papers has Package of Agfa Brovira paper dating from the early.

Has anyone used agfa photo paper with canon i? I printed a lot of 4X6 photos with it and the photos looks wery well. Any comment? The Canon EOS R6 doesn’t quite live up to the full promise of its do-everything specs, but it’s a great photographers’ camera. The Sony a9 II didn’t make a huge splash in the industry when it launched, but it’s certainly left an impression on us. Read our full review to see why it’s got the best autofocus system we’ve ever seen.

While it has a higher resolution sensor and new processor, its biggest focus is on selfies. We take a look beyond the specs to see what it offers to filmmakers. If you’re looking for a high-quality camera, you don’t need to spend a ton of cash, nor do you need to buy the latest and greatest new product on the market. In our latest buying guide we’ve selected some cameras that might be a bit older but still offer a lot of bang for the buck.

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Since the brand name is licensed to OEM companies. The company produced aniline colors. In chemical scientist Momme Andresen drove the company to enter photo chemistry.

The Photographic Materials Conservation Catalog is produced by the the papers, the Agfa logo backprinting and the paper fibers were all introduced after the author’s death. Notes on Dating Photographic Paper ().

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